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6/11/2023 12:32 pm  #1


Hello All,

I have two Kenwood TM-281 and I run them on solar with batteries. 
When The voltage gets below 12.4, They will not work on high power.
But all of my other Kenwood's will work on high power. Kenwood tells me it's just the way it is.
Has anybody experience this.


Kelly Edington KE5LLY



6/12/2023 10:10 pm  #2

Re: TM-281

Kelly, is it 12.4 during tx or rx? We experienced the same exact issue during our rove, using portable battery power for radios at 20 or so watts output. Amps were connected to vehicle power. When the portable batteries reached 12ish volts during Rx, we lost enough tx drive to drop total output by 100 watts. 
We were changing battery packs during heavy tx/rx cycles about every 30 mins. 
I have ran other rigs down to 11.5 volts on HP without issue, in the past. 


6/12/2023 10:38 pm  #3

Re: TM-281

Will when the battery reaches 12.4 the TM-281 will not TX on HP. The display will blink off.
If I put it on medium or low power, it is ok.
Kenwood tells me it is normal because of the current it needs for HP.


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