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2/04/2024 5:16 am  #1

Looking for anyone interested in VHF and above contesting

Hello, everyone. I am looking for anyone interested in VHF and above contesting. An interest is 1/3 of the equation!
Many Technicians are unaware of what can be accomplished with a very modest station, and sometimes get "stuck" while trying to decide whether advancing is even worth the trouble. Many advance to General and are overcome by the cost of getting rigs, antennas, more feedline, etc. 
I (with some help) would like to introduce anyone interested to a world many only hear or read about, and most see as out of reach. I am no expert and definitely do not expect to be the only source of elmering this subject. 
There are some very inviting attributes to VHF and above; we do not interfere with repeaters, the realization that 6m and 70cm are not "dead", this could lead to an interest in EME/Meteor Scatter/Microwave, you get to meet SUPER NERDY hams from all over who speak an entirely different language. 
Best part is, VHF and above is completely available to the newest Technician just the same as the most seasoned Extra. 
If interested, please contact me at k0axx@k0axx.com (for winlink users: k0axx@winlink.org)
June VHF Contest will be here before we know it! 
Best 73 de K0AXX - Will



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